Doc & Bacon Figure Out the World

Doc Y and Bacon Figure Out the World is a game that teaches kids the scientific method and encourages them to experiment on their world. The game is played entirely by texting, so anyone with a cell phone can join in the fun. Follow @BaconTheDog on Twitter to try out the prototype!

Doctor Yohan Brown is an enthusiastic researcher who investigates all sorts of things about the world around him. He encourages kids to do the same by helping to test out his theories, as well as by having them create questions and theories of their own via a series of short, automated text message conversations which prompt kids to participate in a 4th grade peer review community.

The game only takes five minutes a day to play! Over the course of a few weeks, Doc Y and Bacon will lead players in creating scientific questions, hypotheses, procedures, and evidence. With Doc Y’s help, players learn to test out and evaluate each others’ contributions. With Doc Y and Bacon, science is social!